White Belt Study Guide

White Belt Requirements:


  • Attention Stance
  • Horseback Riding Stance
  • Sparring Stance
  • Front Stance
  • Back Stance
  • Walking Stance


  • High Punch
  • Middle Punch
  • Low Punch
  • High Block
  • Inside Block
  • Outside Block


  • Basic 20 Steps


  • Front Kick

White Belt study guide:


What is the significance of the White Belt?

  • Innocence, as that of a beginning student who has no previous knowledge of Taekwondo.


  • Be loyal to your country
  • Honor your parents
  • Be loving between spouses
  • Be cooperative between brothers and sisters
  • Be faithful to your friends
  • Be respectful to your elders
  • Establish trust between teacher and student
  • Use Taekwondo responsibly and never to harm others
  • Be courageous, confident and not overcome with ego
  • Always finish what you start

White Belt terms:

  • Attention: Chatyuht
  • Bow: Kyung Nae
  • Ready: Choon Bi
  • Return: Bahro
  • Yell: Ki Hap
  • Training Hal: Dojang
  • Begin: She Jak
  • Stop: Ku Man
  • Grand Master: Kwan Jang Nim
  • Headmaster: Chung Sah Nim
  • Master: Sa Bum Nim
  • Senior Teacher: Kyo Sah Nim
  • Senior Student: Sun Bae Nim

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