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Connect The Mind, Body, and Spirit
Through Tae Kwon Do, Self-Defense & Fitness.

Serving Chapel Hill and Winston-Salem

Offering a wide range of classes and fitness programs for the whole family!

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Benefits of Tae Kwon Do:

Gain more energy, strength, flexibility, and coordination. Learn discipline and how to maintain positive mental health by releasing stress and tension.  

The end result?  Healthy mind & body. 

  • Build a foundation for self-confidence, respect, and discipline
  • Achieve greater flexibility, power, endurance, and balance
  • See fast results with our comprehensive focus on physical, emotional, and spiritual growth

Why United Tae Kwon Do Academy?

The environment at UTA is comfortable and professional. Both of our spacious and modern facilities (locations in Winston-Salem and in Chapel Hill) are open 6-7 days a week and offer classes for all ages.

UTA offers the highest quality of instruction in a positive and healthy family atmosphere. We were established in 1998 by Grand Master Barry Partridge, who has over 35 years experience, is an 8th degree black belt, and has been voted US Coach of the Year twice.

UTA lets you set your own pace. You will train with others who are at your own level and you will learn self-defense techniques while increasing your strength, flexibility, and speed.

Everything we do is intentional. As an example, each word in our name and every aspect of our logo have a specific meaning.  

Click below to learn even more about United, our philosophies, our instructors, our locations, and much more.


Here are a few recent reviews.  You can click here to see more testimonials

I could not ask for a better role model for my son than Grand Master Partridge! He and his team are very special and have been a huge part in molding my son into the wonderful young man he is becoming. A young man with respect, good manners, confident, loyal, and who loves to help others. A young man who I know will impact this world in a positive way carrying forth the values taught to him at UTA!

Jeannine Sparks

C. Wade King

My daughter absolutely loves it here. She is part of a family and community who really cares. They show it through honesty and support. As long as she loves TKD, we want her to come here.

I have two sons enrolled at the Chapel Hill location as part of the after school program. All of the Staff and instructors are excellent. My boys love the TKD instructions, have made many friends and I can see growth in them physically, but also and most importantly in their confidence, discipline, focus, manners, respect and attitude. Not just when they are around me, but also when they around other children who may not be displaying these traits. I am glad the UTA is a part of our village!

Radiah Corn Minor

Julissa McIver

Great team, professional staff, safe and educational environment, the best place for entire family.

Special Introductory Offer:

Two Week Trial - Only $39.99

Our Programs:

The United Tae Kwon Do Academy of Winston-Salem and Chapel Hill, NC offers a wide range of classes, fitness programs, and childcare options for the whole family.  Click below to learn more, and don't hesitate to take advantage of our Special Introductory Offer

Our Locations:

Our facilities offer spacious training floors and private lesson rooms for individual one-on-one training.  Family, friends, and other guests are allowed to quietly watch in our observation areas.  Both men's and women's locker rooms are provided for added convenience when changing and cubbies are available for safely storing personal belongings.  Most importantly, our instructors and staff are friendly and adhere to the highest standards. 

Special Introductory Offer:

Two Week Trial - Only $39.99