The following are some things you should not consider when choosing a dojang/instructor:


1. Nationality or Gender

The race or gender of the instructor is completely unimportant. Do not assume a Korean Taekwondo instructor is better than any other instructor. Do not assume a male instructor is better than a female or vice versa. What matters is whether the instructor can instruct and inspire your to be the best you can be at Taekwondo.

2. Aesthetics of Dojang

You do not want to train in a dump btlt otherwise the appearance of the dojang is not that important.

3. Superfluous Stuff

A good dojang needs a clean, safe !raining area, punch/kick targets, punch/kick bags, maybe some mirrors, and maybe some mats. Do not be overly influenced by unrelated stuff, such exercise machines, weight room, hot tubs, tanning beds, etc. If you want lo pay for all these extras, that is okay, but they are unnecessary.

4. Uniforms

Do not be influenced by flashy uniforms. Be suspicious of dojangs that use uniforms that are too different from the nom.

5. Appearance of Instructor

A skilled T aekwondo fighter will probably be in excellent physical condition. A skilled Taekwondo instructor may be a physical wreck. When you are in need of
medical attention, you do not care whether the doctor helping you is fa! or not, you only care whether he or she can help you. Similar to good coaches in other sports, good T aekwondo instructors come in all sizes, shapes, and levels of fitness.

6. Rank

There is no universal Taekwondo ranking system .. Be suspicious of those claiming unusually high ranks. Each major Taekwondo organization has it own rank