Questions to ask when evaluating a dojang:

  1. Is the head instructor a full-time or part-time instructor/owner?
  2. How long has the school been open?
  3. Do you teach Olympic style Taekwondo?
  4. Do you teach practical self-defense techniques?
  5. Is the school matted for use in thraws or falls?
  6. Is board breaking required in training? For testing?
  7. Do you charge belt testing fees? What are they?
  8. How often are tests conducted?
  9. Do you award black belts to youths? If yes, starting at what age? What is the average time for a youth to get a black belt?
  10. What are the class hours?
  11. Are instructors nationally certified through a recognized organization? What is the organization and its history?
  12. Is the instruction by group or private?
  13. Is private instruction available at an extra cost?
  14. How many classes may I attend each week?
  15. Do you use youth instructors?