This is a rare occurrence with younger children: however, it does come up when children approach puberty. Pre-teens often become overwhelmed with schoolwork, have mental and physical changes that they don’t quite understand, and they are growing so quickly that it’s hard to find balance in their world.

Whatever the issue might be, our experienced staff and instructors are here to help you with any issue that you might have regarding frequency of training. While we always encourage everyone lo complete their full agreement, we deal with every issue independently of each other and can work through any issue, however troubling it may seem at the time.

The most important thing is to continue to re-evaluate your personal agreement with your child regarding TKD, and keep them training throughout the issue, which leaches them the importance of long-term commitments like TKD. Quitting half-way through an agreement does not teach good habits for the future, especially when they are entering a time in their life when long-term commitments are more important (relationships, college, school projects etc .. )