1. Family Classes

It’s unlikely that your child can attend a health club with you. And you would probably feel a little out of place if you joined in with your son or daughter’s soccer team. Yet at United TKD, everyone can train together side by side. As a parent, you will also be setting an invaluable example for your child about the importance of regular exercise.

Best of all, no two classes are alike. You and your child will appreciate the varied, high-energy workouts and be motivated to attend lessons regularly. I’m sure you are always aware of the places your child goes and the people that surround them. At United TKD, you can be confident that you and your family will be developing relationships with sincere, motivated, healthy families who are dedicated to self- improvement. You will also share the pride of seeing your family’s improvements, and you’ll be celebrating each new belt together. II is something that the entire family will be proud of!

2. Physical Fitness

Just like with adults, one of the most common reasons for enrolling a child into a martial arts class is fitness. Childhood obesity rates are climbing, and more and more children are spending a lot more time in front of the television. playing video games and using a computer. However, even among more active children. martial arts is still attractive since it is seen as a very good source of exercise that also teaches skills. Martial arts can help improve cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, strength and overall energy levels.

3. Life Skills

Another popular reason for enrolling children in the martial arts is to develop “life skills”. These skills include discipline, self control, patience, confidence, courage etc. The idea with these classes and this motivation is to reinforce what is already being taught at home. Martial arts classes can be a valuable tool for helping to really drive home the points you make at home in a very real way.

4. Self-Defense

Self defense is the most obvious reason that should come to mind when considering enrolling a child in the martial arts. The focus of a good children’s martial arts class, while still teaching self defense movements, should be on conflict resolution, personal responsibility and avoidance. In that respect attending a good martial arts class would benefit both the bully by teaching lo respect others as well as your own power. and the bullied, by teaching how lo calm a situation or defend oneself if need be.

5. Behavior Issues

Many parents tum to the martial arts when their children are acting out in school and at home. This is tied in to the life skills reason, but is very specific in what the desired outcome is. These parents are looking for help improving attention span, respect, demeanor and self control. The structure of many martial arts classes can greatly aid in these areas, however results will really vary and depend on the relationship that is built between the child and the instructor. If the instructor has a good method of communicating with the child, is firm but friendly, and most importantly, is very consistent, then the child can really get a lot of out martial
arts training.

6. Safe After School Activity

Many parents are just seeking a sale, wholesome. useful activity for their child to occupy some of their free time. These parents don’t want their child to sit at home all evening, or want them lo gel involved in something that makes them set and follow through on goals. Martial arts training will certainly help in that respect. A good martial arts school can become a second home for many children. The relationships built between classmates and with an instructor can last a lifetime and have a huge positive impact on a child’s life.