A few things to consider when making your first visit to a prospective Taekwondo school:

  1. When visiting for the first time, call ahead to make sure visitors are welcome and make an appointment
  2. Wear normal street clothes
  3. Be polite and courteous
  4. If you’re offered a hand, shake hands. If someone bows to you, bow back.
  5. Be quiet during class, do not do anything to draw attention to you while the class is in session.
  6. Get there early and stay afterwards so you can ask questions.
  7. Do not try to impress the instructor with your limited knowledge of taekwondo or other styles.
  8. Do not try to use Korean words unless you are sure of the meaning and pronunciation.
  9. Beware of high-pressure sales pitches at some schools. If you feel pressured, leave.