With so many options, how do you choose?

Choosing the right instructor is one of the most important things you should consider in your decision of Taekwondo schools.

The head instructor of the school should be knowledgeable, experienced, capable and most of all a good teacher. When looking for a Taekwondo instructor, observe the teaching style of several instructors.

Look for an instructor who:

  • Never tires of teaching.

  • Never abdicates the role of instructor, even outside the dojang. Students, and the public in general, watch everything instructors do, both inside and outside the dojang. Good instructors always present themselves as the epitome of Taekwondo values.
  • Teaches to the best of their ability and continually strive to improve their knowledge and skills. Good instructors constantly seek the latest teaching methods and Taekwondo techniques and then incorporate them into their instruction.
  • Feels responsible for the welfare of their students. Good instructors encourage students to associate with their classmates and help students develop good contacts outside the dojang, such as professional services or business opportunities that may be beneficial to them.

  • Maintains a formal relationship with their students and avoid social or personal familiarity. Instructors who have personal affairs with students lose student respect and may create uncontrollable situations or develop a dishonorable reputation
  • Never betrays a trust given in confidence. Good instructors always set a good example. They continuously work to earn the respect of their students and never take the respect for granted.
  • Has the highest level of personal integrity. Good instructors are always honest and never attempt to defraud students. They always make decisions based on what is best for their students and the dojang.
  • Treats all students equally and show no favoritism. Good instructors ensure individual attention is distributed evenly amongst all students during a training session. They never strike or abuse students under any circumstances.
  • Displays a quiet and calm demeanor. Good instructors never appear frustrated or temperamental, even when under duress or in pain.

  • An instructor is merely a student of his or her students. A good instructor is guided by his or her students and is only as good as his other students.

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