Online School Support Academy

Online-only learning is here. Does your family need an alternative solution?
Are you looking for a safe & effective place your children can learn (and have fun) while you're at work?

If so, the Online-School Support Academy is for you.

  • Your child will get the best support and education possible during this period of online learning.
  • You will be able to attend work (or work from home without distraction) knowing your child is safe, getting educated, and also having fun.
  • You will be confident that you child is well cared for, safe, active, and supported.

Introducing the Online School Support Academy 

We have come up with a solution that parents AND children will LOVE.  It's a day program (with social distancing and all safety protocols at the forefront) that will help:

  • Insure that your child is fully supported during this new experience for them
  • Insure your child is focused on learning and fully engaged during online school hours
  • Insure that you're able to be fully focused and engaged on your work while they're learning
  • Insure that your child is active, creative, and growing during after school times

How Does It Work?
There are several options:

  1) Online School Hours Program (8AM to 2PM)
  2) After-School Program (2PM to 6PM)

  3) Combined (full day 8AM to 6PM)

What Is The Typical Schedule?
We will be working in concert with the Chapel Hill/Carrboro City Schools online education program, which at this point is scheduled to run through at least the end of 2020. 

From 8AM to noon, the focus is school work.  Children will be placed at tables (socially distant and wearing masks) with their laptop/device and headphones. The focus will be on doing their online classwork in a distraction-free environment. We will be with them to support their needs as well. 

From noon to 1PM is lunch and physical activity, where children will eat and engage in physically active activities (with safety in mind of course).

From 1PM to 2PM is homework and further online-school related activity.

From 2PM to 6PM (for those doing the after-school program) is a multitude of activities including arts and crafts, outdoor activities, and Tae Kwon Do. 

What Ages Are Eligible?
This program is open to any elementary or middle school student.

Does My Child Have To Be A Tae Kwon Do Student?
No. The school hours program is open to anyone.  The after-school program has Tae Kwon Do classes included. 

What Are The Benefits Of Learning Tae Kwon Do?
In addition to the physical and mental benefits of Tae Kwon Do, we teach the "Three Focuses" (mind focus, eye focus, body focus) which help students with focus, attention span, and self-control. The benefits are quickly seen at home and at school.

Are Safety Protocols A Priority?
Yes. For the benefit of every participant, their families, our staff, and the community at large, safety is our number one concern.  We will be following all of the Covid policies we've had in place for months.  Please contact us below if you have any concerns or if you would like any additional details.  Additionally, we have video surveillance in all areas of our academy for the protection of all children.

Is Space Limited?
Yes. Space is limited and filling up fast.  Please contact us below as soon as possible with any questions or to get signed up.

Please contact us as soon as possible (space is filling up fast).  

We can answer any questions, address any concerns, discuss your options and pricing,
and even setup a site visit if you would like.  


1) Call us at 919.933.7778 (and mention you heard about the program on the website)

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2) Fill out the form below

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