Our Philosophy

UTA offers the highest quality of instruction in a positive and healthy family atmosphere. We were established in 1998 by Grand Master Barry Partridge, who has over 35 years experience, is an 8th degree black belt, and has been voted US Coach of the Year twice.

UTA lets you set your own pace. You will train with others who are at your own level and you will learn self-defense techniques while increasing your strength, flexibility, and speed.

Everything we do is intentional. As an example, each word in our name and every aspect of our logo have a specific meaning. 

What's In A Name?


  • To come together
  • To be made one
  • Related to or produced by joint action
  • Harmonious


  • The Korean art of an armed self-defense, characterized especially by the extensive use of kicks
  • Tae: to kick
  • Kwon: to punch
  • Do: the art or way; combination of one's mind and body


  • A place of instruction
  • A school of higher learning
  • A society of similar opinions organized to advance an art

What Does Our Logo Represent?

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Individualized attention. 
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